Cheap DECA coax to ethernet adapters


Here still have coaxial cable running where there is no Ethernet such that purchased a set of these and getting 100Mps just fine with about a 100 foot run of RG6 cable.  You need a transformer at each end for these to work.
For $14 a pair it's not a bad deal and today you cannot purchase a MOCA adapter for less than $50.
Note that it is not a small footprint versus just an RJ-45 Ethernet POE connection on a wall plate.
Here is a comment on said product.
If you do not have cable TV, then these are perfect/economical for adding Ethernet access to any room in your home if your room is equipped with coax. As a basic principle Cable TV operates between 5 MHz to 1 GHz while Satellite Operates between 1 GHz and 2 GHz. The DECA (Satellite) operates at 425 MHz to 625 MHz and MOCA (Cable) operates between 950 MHz to 1050 MHz (some around 1150 MHz to 1500 MHz). See the difference so the cable/satellite signals do not overlap with MOCA/DECA signals. If you have Cable TV in your coax line, then you need to use MOCA devices which costs around $60 to $80. But these devices only cost $10, and has the same ENTROPIC chip similar to MOCA except for the frequency of operation. Knowing the basic info, you do the math which device you want to use, DECA or MOCA, in my case spend $60 or $10?


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Seems like a good time to mention that Cox Cable did such a sloppy job running cable in my house that when I got Uverse IPTV I tore most of the cable out. It was strung across my unfinished basement ceiling like Christmas lights! It irks me that these guys are paid professionals.


Yup; when installing FIOS I wouldn't let the tech drill in to the house doing guesstimates.  First drilling guesstimate had him drilling a hole in in the middle of the master bedroom and running an extension cord for powering up the back up battery (phone stuff).
I had him drilling to one of the walk in closets.  There was no power outlet such that I ran new HV wire from one master bedroom electrical outlet to a new one in the closet.
The house was wired with RG6 and Cat5E at the time such that he preferred to utilize the coaxial cable to the Verizon combo box in the wiring closet and for all of the Verizon STB boxes in the house.  For internet by bridged one ethernet port (leaving the STB's on main network) to a DD-WRT'd firewall router combo (AP). Really have not had issues with the set up until Frontier came along and took over the account.
I am pretty sure that Frontier cold bounced the old Verizon box.   TV's worked fine.  No internet though.  I couldn't access it a few days after they took over the account.  I couldn't access the box and when I called them all they cared about was new hardware and upgrading my account.  Fixed it two weeks later (internet was down for two weeks) with many phone calls escalating the issue.  All I asked for was that the technician enable the external access such that I could configure the internal stuff.  He did and all was well.  Nightmare such that I might go back to CC rather than wanting to deal with Frontier anymore.