Building new house - looking for wiring and other suggestions


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Building a new house in a few months (actually having most of the work done, not doing it myself but may do some wiring and smaller tasks).  For the current house I ran lots of CAT cable, coax, and security wiring.  But it has been 14 years so need to update myself on best practices.  Will have a basement, single main floor, and detached garage/shop building.  Power and water to the shop along with conduit (probably 2") to the shop for low voltage wiring.  Run to shop will be about 60 feet.  Planning to have the conduit come up inside the shop and directly to the basement so there are no outdoor junction boxes.  Finished basement with drop ceiling so access won't be an issue for future changes/additions.  Put a plywood "cat walk" down the middle of the attic in the current house and that has been very handy for access - plan to do the same again.
Lots of wireless security systems are wireless but I think wired is still best.  Currently have POTs for alarm but planning cellular.  May just go VOIP for phones as POTs is being phased out it seems.  Thinking Asterisk for VOIP phone system.  
Just have over the air TV and Linux MythTV for a DVR and that works well so keeping it - it's due for a hardware upgrade but otherwise no issues.
Have a CADDX security system.  Have a raspberry pi with Motion for a camera.  Want to have some more cameras.
I put my current systems together with linux and some simple scripts and leaning to doing more of that but it will get harder as the systems get bigger and more interaction between the systems.  Might want to do this differently.
Welcome any suggestions on these items and efficient construction.  Looking at about an 1800 sq ft house and 1200 sq ft shop with high enough ceiling and big enough door for something like a 25' camp trailer or RV.  That means probably 14' ceiling and 12' high door.  Conventional construction - perhaps 2 x 6 walls on 24" centers.  Shop will have gas furnace and AC.
Here still using a combo MythTV / Squeezebox Ubuntu server with HD Homerun OTA boxes and Zoneminder for CCTV.
Over the years went from Analog to IP cameras  Today IP HD POE cameras are very reasonably priced.
Relating to multimedia here using Gb network and very little wireless stuff.  That is me.  Using DIY'd Ubuntu / Intel based Kodi boxes here as STBs.
Due to WAF continue to utilize DTV (from the beginning of DTV). 
Relating to efficient construction of infrastructure an old friend who owned an HVAC computer (retired) always suggested the goal of heating the home with one candle and cooling the home with one ice cube.  Some friends and relatives here have gone to using radiant floor heating and split air conditioning (mini split systems) and have no duct work these days.  On demand and newer hot water heaters are very efficient these days.
A few extra conduits from basement to attic for whatever you forgot.
Multiple conduits from shop to house, not just one. Don't enter basement with conduit below grade level.
Conduit from panel area to garage for future electric car charger.
Was looking for suggestions on security hardware.  Currently have monitoring via POTS  and alarm relay but looking at going to cell monitoring and having no POTS line, just VOIP.  Planning to wire things rather than wireless and perhaps a security subpannel in the detached building.  Perhaps I should post this in the security section...
Relating to security here have been utilizing the Leviton HAI OmniPro 2 panel for over 10 years.  
Here on Cocoontech you will see many users today using DIY installed Elk M1 and the Omni Pro panels.
There is also mention of subpanels or extending main alarm panel using the Elk and OmniPro panels.
There are mentions of other security panels here.
There are a few users here currently using VOIP or dedicated cellular for their alarm panel.   
If you currently been dealing with a national security company for your current alarm stuff and are happy with them then continue using them.

Also see you are currently using a CADDX system. Why not use it in your new home? Guessing you are familiar with its implementation and use.