Cheap Prices for gigabit Nics and Switch


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Here are some good prices to upgrade your network to gigabit speed....

Intel -Gigabit Ethernet network card $23
On sale at is an Intel 10/100/1000 Ethernet network PCI card in a retail box for only $23. Free shipping code pricewatch can be entered by pressing a blue "Enter Coupon Code" button found near the top of one of the checkout pages. This is an excellent deal! Intel makes the best quality Ethernet cards on the market, even though this card model is 2 years old.

Dell-8-port gigabit ethernet switch $55 after rebate
Click the above link to find a Dell PowerConnect 2608 Ethernet Switch with gigabit on all 8 ports and a 1 year warranty for only $100. A $50 mail-in rebate is available. Add a few dollars more to cover sales tax.
A 16-port version is available for around $93 after tax and after rebate
Geeze, this and the blinds controller both come up at the same time and I want both. Curse you fate and paychecks not large enough to buy everything I want!