Compoint keypads


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I just purchased a compoint system to play with before I do a whole house install (about 4 months away from finish).

Does anyone have this system....if so, what sort of j-box did you get them to fit in?

I am also using russound uno-s2 keypads.

Suggestions? These keypads are huge and the boxes at lowes and home depot aren't going to cut it.

I just finished installing mine today, I have the orange double gang jboxs with open backs that I mounted for each uno-s2 originally but had to change things abit to make it work, we cut the right side of the jbox out and cut out small piece of drywall..the compoint is now attached by decora screws to the face plate..I then have the four russound screws holding the faceplate snug to the Uno-S2.

**You can use decora screws for holding the S2 but you will have to tap the holes slightly larger(compoint accepts decora screws) can attempt to screw in the decora screws but they are tight and I had one snap off in another Uno..I plan to change to the decora screws asap..just got this installed tonight


The second one I have installed is a Abus keypad and a Compoint in a dual gang in my kitchen..this installation it was a mud ring? Forgive a first time homeowner but they are just the silver squares with holes for screws and no backs and I think they are called mud rings :) ..this was in the tile on my kitchen counter and I bought longer screws to reach it...also behind this one there is a vapor seal because its an exterior wall.


I agree the units are large..trying to wire it up to the Abus beside it with speaker wires from that to compoint was not easy and then having to crouch down because of the height..lotsa fun :)

Thanks to Paul from from getting me the system and for the wallplates for the S2 and compoint great!

Used the system a few times tonight and we are very impressed..the mic is very sensitive, our great room is about 15-20 feet from that counter and during a tv show I chatted with the wife from my office downstairs and could hear her yelling and no stomping feet to communicate!

Later she went into the spare room about the same distance away and had the door half closed and I accidentally paged the kitchen and she heard the *ping* and I heard her say "Your a geek"..I replied and was able to hear her no problem.
If you want to use an enclosed box for the UNO/ComPoint Carlon makes a 3-Gang "Super Blue" box that will accept them both without modification. Look for part number BH353A and check to make sure the capacity stamped on the box shows 53 cubic inches.

OEM Systems makes a nice 3-gang open back box (mud ring) that will also fit the UNO-S2 & ComPoint. Do a search for "MR31" or "MR32".

The door units are even deeper and again, Carlon makes a really deep 1-gang box that works. It's part number B121ADJ (also referred to as GC1W). It's also got adjustable depth which is nice if your doing exterior siding or stucco and aren't sure exactly of the finished thickness. With a couple turns of a screw the box can be moved in & out after being mounted.

As Ripper mentioned, the standard Decora screws won't fit into the UNO-S2 frame very easily (they're too big). To get them to fit, you'll need a 6-32 tap to enlarge the holes. If you don't already own the tap, look for what's referred to as a "triple tap"... it's an electrician's tool that looks like a screw driver with a multi sized tap on the end. The smallest is usually the 6-32 that you need.

You're also going to need to modify some 3-gang Decora wall plates by cutting out one of the dividers for the UNO-S2.