Connect Siren and RJSET

How can I connect the ELK-SP40 to Output 2? The output is supervised, so I'll need to use a 2.2k resistor. Should I put the resistor in-line or parallel to the speaker connects? Putting it in-line seems like I would blow the resistor. Putting it in parallel looks like the resistor wouldn't reall work. I thought you could just hook up a speaker to the siren driver.

How do I connect the ELK-RJSET to the M1 Gold? The RJ31X has spade terminals that don't connect to the telco block on the M1 Gold.
You do not need the resistor if you have a speaker connected to Output 2. The speaker provides the resistance for supervision.

Clip off one side of the spade terminal that goes to the control on the RJ cord so that the spade end will fit into the terminal strip opening. The Euro style hi density terminals do not have screw heads like the older larger terminals.

M1 manual has hookup diagram of how the RJ block connects. Telephone line comes into the Red and Green wires which are the center two wires, pin 4 and 5, on the RJ 8 pin connector. The wires that go to pins 1 and 8 connect to the house telephones.

With the RJ block properly connected, if an alarm is activated and the M1 starts dialing the central station to report the alarm, all the inside house telephones are disconnected while the transmission is in progress. This prevents an intruder from picking up an inside telephone and disabling the M1 from dialing out. During this dial out and reporting time the inside telephones will be dead with no dial tone.
Thanks for the quick reply Spanky!

I must have mis-wired something with the speaker. The M1 must be detecting it as an open, thus reporting the error. I'll have to go back and check the connection.

I'll cut the spade. I was just confused how the Elk product didn't seem to integreate with the M1. Makes sense now.