Control of HVAC, House & Attic Fans


I’m trying to coordinate the functions of a natural gas furnace, AC unit, a whole house fan (vents to the attic), attic fan, and two electronic dampers using Elk M1. During the winter I would like to regulate two heat zones. During the summer I would like the whole house fans to turn on at a specific outside to inside temperature difference and then turn off when the AC kicks in.

I think I need the following:
Communicating Thermostat i.e. RSC, HAI or Aprilaire,
Serial Port Expander & Thermostat/Lighting Interface Elk M1XSP
Temp Probe and interface (ELK-M1ZTS®) – Three units for upstairs, downstairs and outside.
Vent Damper Normally Opened – Two units
SPST Relay Board (6 Piece Set) 912B-6

Appreciate any suggestions on the component list above and tips on how all of this works together.
First post, I’ve read a lot but needless to say inexperienced enough to do real damage. :D