Cortexa and Insteon


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I am planning to use Cortexa 7202 system and CORTEXA IN WALL VIEW 8.4" TOUCH SCREEN and will be using all Insteon switches for new house under constuction.

- Cortexa 7202 communicates with Insteon swithces through 2414S INSTEON POWERLINC CONTROLLER V2 SERIAL.

I am curious what do you see on the Cortexa screen. Will it list all 95 Insteon devices in the house? If so how do you know which one is which? Can you program each device using Cortexa 7202 system or you have to program each device individually? Can you program 'Scences' using Cortexa.

I did go through user manual for Cortexa 7202 and did read all the information available on Cortexa web site, and everything else about Cortexa available on the internet. :blink: :)
Thank you.
Yes, it will list all 95 devices. Each device is Placed within logical groupings that you name, such as Entry or Living Room.

Cortexa can also display by device type rather than the name of the room, if you prefer to view it that way.

You give each device a name such as "Bar", "Front Entry", etc, and define what type of device it is.

The upcoming release of Cortexa will allow you to import your own images which is cool if you don't want to use their stock images.

All linking of Insteon devices are done by the Cortexa Controller but it is a slow process, and yes you can create scenes either through groups or macros.