Cortexa Launches Pocket Touch Software


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AUSTIN, TX ­– March 14, 2006 – Cortexa Technology today announced the immediate availability of Cortexa Pocket Touch Software, the company’s latest software release that allows convenient access and control of the Cortexa Home Automation System through a Pocket PC. Cortexa Pocket Touch enables the homeowner to have yet another fully functional, cost-effective access point that is easy-to-use on one of the world’s most popular hand-held devices.

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So has anyone ever heard of these guys?
Being a fellow Austinite I am extermely curious as to if this product is any good.

The Cocoonner's got to see the first attempt of the Cortexa software running on the Elk Touchscreen at the Cocoontech get together last Friday night. And it worked!!

Thanks Cocoonner's, had a great time.