cortexa & z-wave


Hi all ..

I'm wondering how can I run z-wave devices (Vizia RF and z-wave thermostat) with corexa 7207
I went thru 7207manual and i couldn't find any information how it can be done.
Pre-wire guide is saying that for z-wave is not reguired (of course not because z-wave is wireless ;) ) but there is no information how to connect z-wave device to 7207 and how to configure those animals.

Do I need connect cortexa 7207 to any additional controller ??

and next question

How can I control and setup 7207 after I'll connect it directly to LCD TV ? (without computer)
do I need keyboard, mouse or maybe cortexa 7270 come with remote control ???

Also I would like buy also touchscreen from dell(because cortexa's touchscreen is expensive) and I'm wondering if It could be use it as a remote controller for 7207 thru intranet (CAT5),
so many questions.....I'll be grateful for any help


I was talking to cortexa tech support
looks like they have little problem with z-wave -
I was told better to use UPB ;)

so UPB right now is my weapon of choice