counter woes wc8

Thanks for your detailed writing.  In the old BRE firmware, we allowed users to write their own GUI. When it changed to PLC firmware, portion of the CGI code was tied closely to firmware functions and build together, so we could not separate them. In WC32, we split the part that we must build with firmware  to API and user modifiable to GUI, thus allows users to change and modify GUI code. On WC8 PLC, we don't have all the RAM and ROM to store them and execute them separately, at least for now, they are one piece build with firmware.
I think we should develop some web pages to details how to communicate with each sensor over I2C and SPI and their PLC code.  We put them on this forum, but it takes time to dig them all up.  The HW rev 2.2.2 board supports all the same functions of newer board, its wiring published in its latest user guide in the picture showing the whole board. 
As to DS2417 and DS2450, we removed DS2417 support from 3.02.18a1, and removed DS2450 support from 3.02.18a3 firmware. Maybe we can make a 3.02.17x release that adding all the enhancements back to 3.02.17 with DS2417 and DS2450 support as last version without I2C and SPI support.  Those support was not in the WC32 firmware and probably would not add to it.
well that does explain a lot, thanks muchly for taking the time for that.  I can pin my note to the Send button with css, and that's surely simpler than hacking the internal gui anyway.

I'm a little sad to learn that my firmware doesn't support the ds2450, especially since I already have some, and the manual says it's in there, but sa la vie.  I'm not particularly the type to revert to older firmware, the past has passed, so please don't take the trouble to craft one only on my account.  And the wc32 has 8 analog inputs, which is enough, so there is no need to consider adding an obsolete chip to the bus there either.

As far as collecting together in one place the examples for using some of the common I2C sensors with the webcontrol, I personally think that's a FANTASTIC suggestion.   Especially since now I have little choice but to take that path for the additional analog inputs.   I have also been secretly wishing for SPI support to add a micro SD card for local data storage.  It's rare, but sometimes the lan goes down, then there's no data reaching the sqlite db.  sux.  We can also have power outages that last longer than the UPS can keep the NAS alive, which loses the share that the db lives on.  local storage would be a sweet option.  the UPS for the wc8 can keep it running for a real long time.  process control might be lost without enough power to drive all the loads, but at least the sensor data could still be collected and stored.  Even a flat text file would be fine, the little cards have huge GBs now, and it can always be imported back into the db once power is restored to the whole lan.

I imagine your business model has a focus on entrepreneurs that rebadge the webcontrol for their own products, and thus buy more in lots, and who likely don't need as much entry level help with code examples.  But I see several hundreds of these having sold on ebay and those are probably end users rather than resellers.  That's a lot of potential good will, if they are having a good "Customer Experience", the current buzz phrase getting a whole lot of play.  Giving clear examples how normal homeowner/hobbyist types might use the product themselves with current inexpensive sensors seems like it can only help the cause.  If it's not too much trouble.

Good idea  :)