Curious about MATTER.


Now that CES has come and gone, it seems that MATTER is running full steam ahead with their protocol. Does anyone know if anyone is writing a MATTER interface for HAI OmniPRO II? If not, it would seem that the Omni may be follow the way of the dinosaurs:(! Just Curious. Thanks.


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Wow, you really haven't been in the loop.
The Omni line has been discontinued for quite some time now.
It's already a dinosaur, but still a well functioning dinosaur.


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Unfortunately, the closest you'll probably get is by deploying Home Assistant which has beta support for Matter, and supports the Omni.

But I'm not convinced that Matter will matter by end of this year. Sure some big players announced support for it, but until I see proper robust implementation, it won't matter to me (had to, sorry).

All this excitement is reminding me of all these ZigBee profile announcements many years ago, so maybe I'm just a little jaded here.


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I agree that we will have to wait and see how much Matter ends up mattering..... At the moment, it is just another "Game Changing" automation protocol that is designed to change the industry forever. It joins about 100,000 other protocols that had the same goal when they were released.

Of course it probably has the best chance since it is being supported by many of the residential automation leaders, but it will really depend on how much they embrace and push it forward. I give it a 50/50 chance of actually succeeding.....