CyberGenie Cordless 2.4GHz PC Phone System + Extra

I have an accesspoint yes, but rarely use it. I am not getting this system, I don't think I am going to gain much from it, and my current 900mhz phone doesn't interfere with anything.
good point, but my wireless x10 cam is useless already since it freaks out when I turn my microwave on, I am surprised it doesn't turn into static when I flush the toilet :lol: I will probably end up putting it in my garage or something, but it's useless with motion detection software for sure.
I have the CyberGenie. I used it for a month but had to take it down. It has some cool features but it didn't fit my lifestyle (actually my wife's). I have six handsets. The cool features you can read on various sites. What I found as problems were...

The ring was too low.
The individual phones needed to be registered as a user, as if only one person would own that extension.
Handsets are too small to hold.
The onscreen menu's were a little confusing.

If you have specific questions I can andwer them.

BTW, I still have them in boxed in the garage.
I honestly don't remember if I did, but I doubt it. This is a very good idea, I will give it a try tomorrow, thanks!!