DCS BV-600 motion sensor = Crap?


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I have to be almost right in front of it for it to detect me. I played with settings. Wondering if 100 degrees isn't enough for what I need. Can someone reccomend some other motion sensors?
There are lots of good detectors out there. C&K, GE, Visonic, Honeywell, Napco, Polinex and many more.

Dualtec's (PIR/Microwave) are better in my opinion since they are a little less likely to false alarm.
It also depends on mounting and how you approach it. PIR sensors are less sensitive to motion toward and away from them than they are for motion from side to side.
I have a BV600 that I tested for a short time and it seemed to work well. I think it was even more sensitive than the Bosch Bluelines, but went with them anyway for the blue led. I'm going to be putting more in so I'll have to dig it back out and test some more.