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Deadbolt Sensor


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BraveSirRobbin said:

Were you able to order directly from the George Risk web site?
I use a local low voltage supply house. I've never tired to order from GRI directly. I'm not sure they accept direct orders. There are a few internet sites which list them, but I don't have any purchasing experience with any of them.


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Does this design require a box on the wall at the door, or can all the electronics be in the main alarm/automation cabinet?
The electronics are embedded in the door jam with the sensor. It is all one piece, including the battery, which is not removable.
Are you willing to share the design?
I am unable to share the design, as I designed it for another company.

I can't offer anything except the hall-sensor tip. I also have no idea when the product will come to market, as the Zigbee profile that deals with home-security is not yet released, and the waiting list for certification may be hundreds of years by then.