Dial-in -> Dial-out via 2 analog phone lines


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So I already got a VoIP service and I'm waiting for the VoIP-to-PSTN converter box. I have unlimited calls in the US/Canada.

So whenever I'm outside of my house with my cell phone I'd like to dial into my house using the regular PSTN line, then have a converter device open the VoIP line to get a dial tone and then dial out via my VoIP device.

The connecting device would work as with two regular PSTN lines. Do you know if this exists?
I found that what I want is called an FXS to FXO port converter. This model seems to be the market leader. I read somewhere that there are even fakes imitations of this device avalable in the market.


You can dial from any of your two lines and the sytem will wake up after N rings. Then it will ask for a password. You enter password and dial-out number and the call goes out via the 2nd line.