[download] Newscaster 1.4.7


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File Name: Newscaster 1.4.7
File Submitter: chucklyons
File Submitted: 12 Sep 2015
File Category: Premise
Author: chucklyons
Contact: [email protected]

This is an update to 123's original Newscaster module. Added a couple of Orthodox holidays, per request. Hopefully, they are the right holidays and the calculations are correct.
Added images (of course)
Backup current module
Unzip Newscaster 1.4.7 Zip File
Delete Newscaster Module
Import Newscaster Module 1.4.7
import gDateTime
Go down to macros->Newscaster->Initialize. Select 'trigger' in the properties pane
Look at Media/Newscaster. You should a list of holidays
Copy folder 'Holidays' to SYS/Web/Images
Go to Home. Add Newscaster. Select 'Update' in the Properties Pane.
Wait for a holiday (joke)

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