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File Name: Panasonic ST50 series IR module
File Submitter: etc6849
File Submitted: 06 Jul 2012
File Category: Premise
Author: etc6849
Contact: etc6849
Version: 1.5

This is an IR module for Panasonic's 2012 line of ST50 series plasma TVs. I've only tested this on the US 60" model. The installation instructions are included in the zip file.

Most commands have discrete counterparts except the aspect ratios. Panasonic does not appear to have discrete aspect ratios for their newer consumer plasmas. The good news is I found hidden IR commands that allow for discrete source selection of Netflix and have developed discrete-like workarounds for mute, internal tuner and others...

Also, all known functionality of the TV is captured by this module; you can finally throw away your factory remote! This module includes Viera specific commands such as Viera Tools, Viera Cast (I called it Internet in the module), eHelp (called Help in the module), etc...

Special Notes:
Netflix, SDCard, Viera Cast/internet and the internal tuner are grouped with the input sources on the set. This is because these all behave as internal sources. The class sys://Schema/Device/AudioVideoStream was used to model these internal sources, while the other source objects (HDMI1, HDMI2...) inherit from sys://Schema/Device/AudioVideoInput.

The XDO file was edited directly in notepad++ to add these additional source objects as Premise's TV wizard limits you to only four sources with static names (Video1, Video2...). This method seems to work very well and could be useful for other AV device classes.

You may be running Premise's Automation Browser in 800x600. If you are, you may have to move some of the buttons to fit everything! To do this modify the left and top properties found under the objects in: sys://Schema/Modules/Plugins/Selectors/AudioVideo/AV_Components/PanasonicTV/TV

Stop, play, skip, next, etc... usually don't apply to a TV with no built in PVR (at least in Premise since it was made before TV's had media players). However, because CEC is used widely, I have included the IR commands as I find them handy. These buttons may also be useful for the TV's built in media player, but this is untested.

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ETC - I don't have a Panasonic big screen (However, my manager at Denny's says if I work hard...)

Some good work there. I'll download this weekend and take a look. A lot of good foundation work; Pana isn't the only manufacturer going down that road. Your work will make it easier to copy for other big screen suppliers (provided my manager at Burger King comes thru with that raise)

* I do not own stock in either company and all opinions do not reflect real companies, but are composites of multiple companies :huh: