EA's mTheater is now Intel Viiv compliant


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Embedded Automation’s mTheater product has received approval for compliance to the new Intel® Viiv™ technology-based platform for digital media in the home. With Intel Viiv technology compliance, mTheater is able to provide cutting edge technology so that all digital content and experiences are maximized in the home.

Intel Viiv technology is Intel’s new brand for the digital home, designed to enhance and help manage how consumers enjoy, manage, and share digital entertainment in the home. Intel Viiv technology is not only about connecting to the TV, but also about delivering the latest movies, creating ‘music DJ’s, playing games, and showcasing home photos and videos – it’s a ‘one-stop-shop’ for entertainment.

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Intel Viiv technology is comprised of a suite of technologies that deliver the performance for high definition entertainment. Equipped with powerful Intel dual core processors, support for up to 7.1 surround sound, and online connectivity for the latest content are but a few of the many features and capabilities of the Viiv technology.

“Embedded Automation’s mTheater is an innovative example that fits very well with our digital home strategy built around the Intel Viiv technology platform,†said Gerald Holzhammer, Vice President of the Digital Home Group at Intel. “Intel looks forward to working with Embedded Automation to provide customers a compelling home entertainment experience.â€

“Being Intel Viiv technology compatible, mTheater is truly able to maximize the experience of all forms of digital media in the home,†said Maury Lum, Sales and Marketing Manager for Embedded Automation. From the outside in, mTheater has been designed to fit seamlessly with existing home A/V components in addition to the living room atmosphere. mTheater’s abundant storage capacity also makes it the ideal place to centrally house all digital content for the home which also improves accessibility and ease of use. An on-board RAID storage system is also incorporated into mTheater so that all digital media is protected from loss or damage, further making mTheater a key component to any digital home.

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Embedded Automation was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Surrey, BC Canada. Specializing in the areas of home automation, media centers, and embedded systems, Embedded Automation designs, manufactures, and markets a range of products and services in these areas.

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Watch out for this company! They are going to go places and become a major player in the home automation and home theater markets. :lol:

Also, HERE are some comments that were made by Embedded Automation at the recent CES show in Las Vegas!

This company also understands "mission critical" applications (they have an industrial controls background). This design philosophy should carry over to their home automation and theater systems which will make them very reliable and stable!