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I'm looking for a simple one speaker way to play both the Elk amplified output and the HS sound card line level outputs on one speaker.

They should never end up speaking at the same time...but never say never they say so I just I just wonder if this will damage either the Elk or the 10W amplifier....

Really just wondering if I need any circuitry at the Amp/Elk juncture point....


[excuse the sloppy pic, but what do you ya want with 5 minutes with MS Paint]

How about just connecting the Elk output to PC sound cards line input? That way the sound card will "mix" the two inputs. I don't like the idea of tying two low impedance outputs together, unless you're trying to make a "light-dimmer". :huh:

(You may need to attenuate the Elk output)

Hm, on that note maybe I better just bite the bullet and do seperate speakers. I want/need the Elk to be reliable beyond what a PC can do so....
I'm not sure why this won't work... but I know it's not common practice to connect speakers to multiple amps. You could put a relay switch between the two sources... M1 could control which source gets the speaker.
You could also add a resistor divider network to bring the speaker output down to line-level and run that into your PC's sound input.