ECS now supports Insteon!


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It looks like a new update for ECS, a popular home automation software package which runs on Windows & Linux, has been posted (2.3.29) online, and now supports Insteon using the serial version of the Powerlinc V2. If you aren't familiar with ECS, check out their website, which also includes an impressive list of hardware it supports, and some screenshots of what it can do.
This looks pretty cool. I like the fact that it supports a lot of stuff in the core system so you aren't buying a bunch of plugins. I also like the fact that they include a generic serial interface to make it easy to add new stuff without waiting for someone to create a plugin or add it to the core system!

Is anybody using ECS now who could provide some feedback on how they like it? I would be particularly interested in hearing about the camera interface and any integration with Slimserver or VWS.

Could this be the magic gateway to adding INSTEON to my Stargate?
Cool. Maybe you could arrange a face to face meeting and product demo. Maybe even talk them into some Cocoontech participation!
I used ECS for a number of years with great results. It was smooth and never, EVER crashed.

The phone worked flawlessly, the only caveat being the modem brand. The only downfall that I saw was the restrictive scripting, which was (and probably still is) it's own subset of basic.

Also, when I stopped using it there was, as far as I can recall, no functions for scraping info from web sites.

If you're looking to try something different though, give it a shot. It's a really good package. Plus some of the device icons are REALLY nice ;)