electron's 6000th post!

Your willingness to lend a hand and your opinion, has helped countless cocooners! Thanks a million (or at least 6000). ;-)

Yikes, I just spotted this thread, I didn't realize I was that bad :ph34r: Thanks guys! I am happy to see that there are so many people contributing to this site, couldn't do it without you guys!
I probably wouldn't even use CT or have near the automation that I have it wasn't for E. One night when my interest was piqued I jumped into the chat room - didn't know squat about CT. E and I had a couple hour chat about alarm systems, software interfaces etc. Based on that I got HS up and running and waited for the the Elk.

Thanks E - you've cost me thousands and lord only knows how many hours, but it's all been FUN!
I would also like to echo my thanks to Electron.

He has helped me directly and indirectly with a number of issues.

I think average about $1 spent on home automation per post that E has made. Couldn't have achieved my current debt without you!