Search Engine Recomendation for Technical Search: Specialty Sensors (Industrial)


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In the boiler room, I had an Expansion Tank rupture, figuring it was last Monday since I was in their Sunday afternoon).  I was expecting a package from UPS, so I turned on my viewing software for my cameras, and notice the Boiler Room Door camera was not connected.
The camera terminates in the Boiler Room, so I decided to investigate, low and behold Boiler Room was a Sauna! Moisture dripping from the ceiling from hot water condensation because Indirect Fired Water Heater 'expansion tank' ruptured with water spraying into drywall. The moisture, of course, corroded the POE 48V across the RJ45 on the wall (both ends will need to be replaced) hence the camera was down.
So I searched using GOOGLE and DUCK DUCK Go for water Sensors, and all I found were commercial wireless garbage. When I built my house, I ran a 4-conductor wire into the boiler room for a future sensor if needed. Well, now I have defined I needed a water sensor, because this may have gone on for a week before I discovered it.  My camera became the sensor, which is not notifying me there is an issue.
Since all my search results came up with advertisements for commercial gear, I of course came to COCOONTECH and used its search, which has a lot of posts on various water sensors. I noticed Pete_C had mentioned in several post (along with many others) GRI 2600. So yesterday I ordered one.
The purpose of this Post is it seems most search engines are no longer skewed for the technical.  I use Google to find IC data sheets and alternate sources (by manufacturer's part number), but it sure falls flat when looking for something to integrate with OMNI II PRO or other professional system not based on WiFi (I saw Z-WAVE and others), but until I entered GRI 2600, it would have never came up.
Moral of that story is to of course search here first, but my TAPATALK app doesn't always work well, so I used iPhone Safari.
Any suggestions on a search engine other than google for industrial technology?  I think I know the answer because of the wireless trend (which is a big mistake for new construction).
It appears to be the way new technology to those tethered to their phones these days which are connected to the Internet 24/7.
My son; an IT person; when asked about anything he doesn't know about Googles question on his iPhone these days.
Yes, it has become a real pain for those of us who live on computers. Unless you have the exact P/N of a device, it seems to no longer come up in search!
I'm finding it more and more difficult to search for industrial type devices, in generic terms (i.e Water Leak Detection).
Google search "operators"  can be helpful finding what you are looking for
but I find that the best way to get past some marketing traps and tunnel deeper into the internet is by clicking on links within the web pages that Google search comes up with. Start with a search and then explore links that you find in the forums and private web pages that turn up. Just people recommending links from their own personal experience is your best bet.
I find that I use the "filetype:" operator a lot and mostly "filetype:pdf" to get to catalogs and user manuals and such.
Thanks for the advice!  I even stopped using :inurl parameter for this reason. Yes I do click on related pages in web link as you suggested.  I will review the google parameters page you posted, and appreciate the tip!
It just seems SEO in google has shifted so much to the consumer marketing arm, it is becoming less useful for those researching solutions.
Thanks again!