somebody looking over my shoulder

Well, I am kinda sorry I asked.
It seems that it's already way out of control.  
It's a shame... It seems like everything takes the same path... somebody does something or invents something .... others enjoy it and see benefit in it and become enthusiasts... then enough money becomes involved that corporate types get interested, and start inserting themselves in where they are not needed in order to insert a money venturi... then crooks get involved, and nobody  knows how the whole thing works and here we are.
It is not worth all the nonsense that people have described in order to not have someone spying on me.  I think it should be illegal ... Similarly to the Do not call list... which has become a joke...  how about a DO call list... that would be a lot easier to maintain.
I think if someone wants to track me to "make my experience better" (which is B.S.) I should have to seek it out and specifically sign up for it...Perhaps at a monetary incentive.... not have to go to ridiculous lengths to try to maybe protect myself from it...  
At any rate I appreciate everything everyone has posted... I knew I would find knowledgeable answers here... just not the answers I wanted to hear.
Welcome to the internet realolman.
Here do not care much about this stuff even though I try to be vigilant these days regarding the use of the internet.