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Elk and Lighting


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WayneW said:
This may still be true for groups, but I think Elk adjusted the delay with individual lights that this usually isn't an issue anymore. At sunset and bedtime I have a number of lights controlled with no delay in the rules and it works 99.9%.
I am seeing the same thing. I have one rule that controls about 10 lights in a row and I haven't seen it miss any.
I didn't realize that Elk bumped up the delay from the original Insteon release. Sounds like this isn't an issue any more. Gee I wish I would have known that before adding all that delay logic in my rules (-:

From a group perspective from what I understand the Insteon group cleanup traffic on the network can take a number of seconds to complete. If you issue the next Insteon lighting command while the group cleanup is still in action then that will discontinue the group cleanup logic. I don't think this is a problem if all the lights in a group responded correctly. But if any were missed then the group cleanup won't catch them.

If it were me I would try groups without any delay first to see how well it works. You can always add in a delay if needed.



Delaying for the group cleanups is a good idea, but it doesnt work. The PLC doesnt send group cleanup commands on it's own. It has to be done from the control software (or someone could rewrite the timercoreapp in the PLC to add this functionality).

The Elk doesnt do the group cleanups either since the Elk has no knowledge of the individual group members.



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Don't think that is easily answered, it depends alot on the CF itself. UPB is pretty tolerant of CF but it can have trouble with some specific ones, especially certain dimmable CF's.