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It's been 1 month of me messing with this, trying to set it up [part time of course, along with the HT stuff and running wires/etc]. I find that I'm barely ahead of where I was back then, and this panel seems so dang powerful that it'll take me 6-12 months to figure out how to use half of it.

Wondering if any other end-users have taken that DVD course that Elk has on their site, and whether it's shrunk the learning curve any. There's truly zero chance I go into this for $$, so it would only be a personal thing.
to be honest I doubt it will due much good. I do have some training dvds but they are basic. You more then likely know everything in the course. Its more for someone brand new to Elk.

I'm sure others may chime in. But after watching the dvd's I didn't learn much more.

Plus you have the best forum to learn on.
I think once you get the basics of configurations and rules it will go much smoother for you. And much as you are always there for CQC people in need, we are all here for you, so if you have a question, just ask away... Just remember, dumb stares are free while intelligent answers are, well ok, free too. ;)
I'm also just digging into the M1 and I'm figuring it out as it goes. So far so good, using just the manual and poking around the ELKRP program. I've managed to program basic things like a user account, add an input expander and try out a few rules. I'll probably spend most of my time figuring out exactly how the rules work to see what the possibilities are. The overall look and feel of the product looks very solid and well done.
I have done a two CD video training course on the M1 and ELKRP. It would be great to put in on some website but have not got it done. I will give it to anyone wanting to host it. Size is about 1.3 gb. Too big to download so it needs to stream from a server.
Spanky said:
I have done a two CD video training course on the M1 and ELKRP. It would be great to put in on some website but have not got it done. I will give it to anyone wanting to host it. Size is about 1.3 gb. Too big to download so it needs to stream from a server.
I'd be happy to host it. Is it in a realplayer or other streaming type format?

I own myhomeautomationpc.com. It's currently redirecting to myhometheaterpc.com, but I could get a hosting package so folks don't see all the art-based junk that i've got going on. Plus, if folks have various "here's my config" type sites, I could put links to each of those, so newbies could see what all the options are, not just mine. We could put HS, ML, and CQC links so folks truly get to see the amazing breadth of possibilities possible with an Elk.
Already on it.

I'll build out a simple front page. If anyone wants me to put a link to their config, send it to me and i'll put it on.
Update for folks - i've ever so slowly started configuring that site to host the Elk videos and any sample configs end-users want to showcase. Although as I type this I just remembered there is a showcase forum here, not sure how much value that'll add. Hmm - damn, more to think about.

As the videos are 1.3GB in multiple files (1 WMV per chapter, anywhere from 40-80MB per chapter), I'd prefer to create a cqcusers.com type interface where people have to register & log-in in order to download. I have 45GB/month of bandwidth, figured that would be plenty as on an ongoing basis, I didn't think that more than 1 person/day would download the full set of training videos.

Anyone see an issue with asking people to register in order to access the videos?

Also, any issue with allowing them to be downloaded rather than viewed live on the site?
I have also received the files and I am in the process of re-encoding one of them to be steamed from Windows Media Server and see if that will make a difference on bandwidth used.
It makes sense to me to stream the files from the server rather than have to download the entire file before you could see it.
I have re-encoded a couple of files and it droped the size down by almost half and decrease the bandwidth used. Now to do the rest of the files and see abut setting up a page. I plan on having a 2 session limit and see if it cost me anything extra per month and go from there.
How about formatting the videos for iPod? I have beta tested a few "Residential Networks" videos for "The Training Department" and found it very handy to view and review without being tied to my computer. It does however require the Video iPod.

I would be willing to work on this approach if someone can point me to the original files.

Plus I get 400 Gigs of transfer per month so that should not be an issue. Not sure I know how to host the content but I'm sure it's not too difficult.

The format is H.264, up to 768 Kbps, 320 x 240, 30 frames per sec.

I don't want to step on any toes, just thought I would offer another option.

400GB? Dang. I'm paying $15/month for 45GB.

Let me know if y'all have a cheaper path, in which case i'm happy to stop paying the $$.
the GB would go fast with this. Think about it.

If you get 45 GB a month and the files total over 1 GB then if 45 people get the whole set in one month you are already over your limit.