Elk KP2 surface mount resistor failure


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Hi there,
Have any of you august personages had an Elk KP2 surface mount resistor heat up and fall off the board? Hot enough to smoke up and sting?
At least, I think it is a resistor even tho I haven't been able to trace the part. this was the middle of a set of 3 near the header pins.
The 'spare' KP2 I used to replace the failed one had a different series of resistors from the same manufacturer.
I have put in a replacement request to AO. The spare was intended for the main entry of this crazy house.
In all my Elk hardware purchased over the years I've only encountered a bad strobe light and an EZ8 that started false alarming for no apparent reason (RF receiver loss and fail with a 548E).
Failures in the field happen all the time, even on items QC'd
It might be a transzorb used to protect the 4 wire bus from surges etc.  Is the keypad powered off the panel or an aux power supply? 
Just to close this: Elk has emailed me that they're reviewed the toasted one and are sending me a replacement :)