Elk M1 and Evironmental monitoring


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I am in the process of constructing a new house and have planned on using the Elk M1 as a hub for controlling HVAC, security and lighting. I am using UPB and planning on using the RCS t-stats.

My question is, does the elk have a way of connecting temp and humidty sensors? On their web-site, I see only temp sensors.

Also, I am planning on using homeseer to collect data and do some other items, but would like the Elk to be the hub of control and monitoring.

Another question then, can I collect and trend data that is present on the Elk in Homeseer?
You can collect and trend data with your proposed setup. There are various ways. There are pay plug-ins for HS that can collect and trend, but I have approached it a different way.

My current setup:

* HS 1.7
* Electron's my.elk script to connect Elk to HS (free)
* Use a simple HS script to write a csv text file (free)
* Import into Excel and trend away

Not very cool, but I trend 4 different temperatures this way.

What I am working toward:

* HS 1.7
* my.elk script for Elk to HS
* somehow get HS to Catci - http://cacti.net/ - for trending any HS variable

This looks really cool. I plan to get this working unless someone can give me an easier and similar priced option.

I truely think if a DIY priced Home Automation package had an Elk Plug-in and a nice historical trending package, I would immediately switch to that, but I have not found that yet.

Hope that helps.