Elk M1 expander cards are showing some zones violated


I posted this on the automation section and should have posted it in the security area.
I have a major problem that developed two weeks ago with my Elk M1 system.
I have three wireless expanders, m1xrftw (Elk 2 way), m1xrefg  (GE) and m1 xrfxrf2h (Honeywell).
The indication of a problem was my Homseer SEL controller was not responding to output changes from the Elk m1. I looked on Elk RP and found that the outputs were all shifted forward i.e.: output 40 was now 41 and so on. I corrected the problem.
Now, the main problem is if I power down the ELK using the power switch and power back up after 20 seconds later  I have a few zones on all 3 wireless expanders cards violated and my ekeypad states that those zones are not used and a clear color stats indicator. If I open a door, window, pull the smoke/co they reset and become normal.
These three expanders are on an m1DBHR.
I them removed all devices from the RS485 bus and just connected each expander separately and I still get some violated zones. Termination on the expander cards and J3 on the Elk M1.
I should also mention that I had to remove the Navigator keypad as it screen is all funky.
If this turns out to be a main board problem I will have to re-think if I want to continue with Elk and install Zwave smoke/ co on Homeseer.
Any advice would be appreciated.