ELK M1 Gold (M1GSYS4) Newbie Question


Does a basic M1Gold package allow programming and monitoring with a PC without getting the Ethernet adapter and buying software?

IE Does free Rs232 software come with a M1 Gold that works with the built in RS232 port ?

I really don't want to start out with using the ELK-M1KP keypad to program this thing.
What you do is sign up as a "dealer". You then get access to the ELKRP programming utility that allows you to do all the programming from your PC. This program supports both the Ethernet module and the straight serial port.
Thanks -- I had hoped something like that.

The list of included items didn't mention software at all although the manual described it.
Elk allows DIYers to sign up as dealers and get full support on their web site without any hassle. I think Martin at AutomatedOutlet includes a copy of ElkRP on CD with a purchase so that you can start playing immediately. Other vendors may also. I don't think that Elk wants to include a CD because it would often be outdated and their pro dealers already have a copy (which makes sense). As soon as you get your M1 serial number, go the the Elk site and register before doing anything else as it may take a day or two to get authorized.

ElkRP works almost the same way, regardless of using serial or Ethernet, so you can always add the XEP later and not have to redo or relearn anything.