Elk M1 Gold XEP/RP Troublshooter Needed in Los Angeles Area


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I have an Elk M1 Gold that has been sending me email notifications via GMX email for the past 5+ years.   All of a sudden it stopped one day.   Been troubleshooting various things, but I still can't get it to work.   Elk is no help as they only provide tech support to authorized dealers/installers.   ISP is FiOS by Frontier.    Looking for someone local that can help troubleshoot, maybe update/upgrade firmware on XEP and RP.   I am in Redondo Beach 90278.
This thread might be of help in understanding what the problem is.
There's a good chance that you will need to update the firmware on the XEP.  The other thing to check is whether Frontier is blocking ports that the XEP is trying to use.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I was able to discover that GMX recently changed something with their email, which made their service incompatible with the XEP firmware. I switched to SMTP2GO and the email notifications work again. SMTP2GO recommended port 2525, which didn't work with my FiOS by Frontier router, but it did work with port 587.