ELK M1 Motions for Occupancy


Newbie question...kinda...:D

I am several motion sensors installed that I use for occupancy (lighting). The question I have is when I arm the M1 I don't want these motions to trigger an alarm if they go off (cats). Is there a way in the RP to tell the ELK to ignore them when the system is armed?


For occupancy control, use hardwired motion detectors. Wireless motion detectors have a built in timer to only allow them to transmit once every 5 to 10 minutes to conserve battery life.

Will that still allow them to function properly as occupancy sensors when the system is not armed?


All the motions is the house are hardwired. Only one wireless device and that is a window contact on a window that I could not get a wire to. Will be seeing you at AO in the 25th for the training.

Thanks for the quick replies guys.