Elk M1 Security And Automation Control

Okay I looked at this page and its interesting.

You can get a Elk M1 Gold for 400.00 but have to pay 200.00 for the training. Even at 600.00 its still cheaper then retail.

I wonder if this is for real.

Has anyone dealt with this company before?
I watched the videos, and it's definitely pretty cool stuff, makes me want an Elk even more now. I couldn't find anything on the company (setnetpro and techhomepro, owned by the same person), which is kind of strange. Hopefully Spanky can tell us more about this company.

Btw, welcome to CocoonTech Spanky!
I emailed them to try and buy a DVD but they will only ship as a package. What a bummer since I already got a m1-gold.

I'm sure the DVD would of been alot of help when trying to install the M1. But I've got most of already installed with the help of Cocoontech.

Either way its a really great deal if someone interested in a ELK.
I finished watching all the videos, they are definitely pretty detailed, and probably the easiest way to get to know you system really fast.
Yep, I've said this many times but the Elk M1 Gold combined with UPB technology will be the latest crave for us HA enthusiasts.

The Elk offers the combination of an Ocelot with digial output/input modules PLUS a security system the likes of a Caddx. So, you really should add up how much an Ocelot costs, a digial input and output module for it, and a Caddx security system before you compare pricing of an Elk.

Elk also seems to be actively designing improvements for this system. I hear of plans to add a touch screen and they recently came out with an Ethernet interface card. Wish I had one as well, but I can't justify the cost, plus I already have everything working with my present system (got all the bugs worked out).

The only thing the Elk can NOT do right now is IR.

Another nice thing about the Elk is the fact that both a Main Lobby and Homeseer plugins exist for it.
electron said:
I couldn't find anything on the company (setnetpro and techhomepro, owned by the same person), which is kind of strange.
SetNet and DIY Automation have been around a while, but I don't know much about them. I seem to recall that they recently closed the DIY Automation division. I do remember winning some structured wiring stuff from SetNet at EHExpo a couple years ago. SetNet had the same/similar ad in the Elk booth at EHExpo in March. Anybody wanting an M1G that can wait a few months might be able to get the $400 show special at the next EHExpo.
SetNet is located in Greer, South Carolina and has training programs for ELK, OnQ, Caddx, and some other product lines.

I have known about them for several years. They teach home automation equipment and how to market and sell it.

I have taken one of their courses and it was very good. Looking forward to taking more. This online teaching is new. It is a easier way to learn than having to travel and leave the business.

I believe the manufacturers give them some special pricing when they train people in their classes. Anyway it is a good deal.
This might bring a smile from the field of knowledge!

There was this Security Dealer who was programming his new M1G in his own home (good place to test out new toys). His wife said she did not want to hear the VOICE response at night after she has gone to bed. SO the dealer thought "I'll just turn OFF "output1 (the voice and siren output)" at 11:30pm for 6-hrs, 30-min.

WELL, come 6AM we had one heck of a wake-up call. The dealer has since learned how to turn On/Off the Voice responses correctly. FLB Florida

Note: When you write a M1 RULE to turn an output off for a time period, at the end of the time period it turns back on. In this case the sirens turned on.
BTW, if you are in the Silicon Valley area, there's going to be a half day training class for the M1 near the San Jose airport, on this coming tuesday the tenth. It's free and they provide a lunch and there will be some opportunity to make contacts in the area with other installers and such. Melissa, who is giving the class, invited me so that I could get some spinup before starting on the M1 driver for CQC, so I'm going to go to it.

If you want to go, e-mail me ([email protected]) and I'll be happy to pass you on to Melissa so you can get signed up and see if they have space still and whatnot.

Are you on their mailing listing for classes? If so, please continue telling us the class locations/times (especially if one is scheduled in Las Vegas ;) ).


From what I saw of the ELK programming software at the EHX show, it was very intuitive. This would be a major reason for me to switch from my Napco 9600 to an M1. I suspect that anyone that has configured Homeseer or MainLobby won't need any training for the ELK to get 90% done.