Elk M1G and Insteion


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So I got my XSP firmware upgraded and was able to manually do some linking, etc. and get a couple of devices working, using "Option B" of the instructions as it appears my PowerLinc may not have the latest firmware. It also looks like from some other threads that the firmware can be flashed.

Where can I get the upgraded firmware, etc. for the PowerLinc to make sure it's up to snuff?
What is the hardware Rev Number on the back? Rev 1.6 is the latest I have seen for the 2414U and 2414S. 2814U Icon is Rev 1.1. All have firmware 2.12 decimal or 2C if you read it in Hex format.
Frimware maybe factory flashable but as far as I have read. Smarthome has no plans to release the programming device or firmware files.
I am in the same boat as you (I think). My PowerLinc V2 2414S has a total of 4 stickers on it. As I look at it with the power prongs facing me, the left most sticker says: "V1.2 0451"

The two middle stickers read: "01.82.7F" and "0602 REV 1.6"

The right most sicker reads "2414S 2405"

I can only do linking using Option B also, which is REALLY CRAPPY!!

I am so hoping that Elk can support Insteon in a better fashion (with respect to linking). I am not aware that it is possible to "update" your 2414S. If you bought an early version, you might be stuck with it.
I was able to peek into the firmware version, etc. with HomeSeer (that's what I was/am using prior to Elk). It shows firmware 2.12 so that's good. Also, HomeSeer has an "update firmware" button in the Insteon config section. So it appears it can be flashed. I know you can't flash the switches but I think the PowerLinc is upgradeable.

In any case, Option A still does not work. I was able to get it to recognize a couple of devices with Option B, but I'm having troulbe getting additional links (probably due to noise). When I linked everything for HomeSeer, I carried the PowerLinc around and plugged it in close to what I was linking and that worked well. HomeSeer will read the link table from the PowerLinc and update it's links that way so I didn't even have to have it plugged into a computer. But since the XSP has to be plugged in to get the link while linking, that's not an option.

Maybe I'll have to create a REALLY long 485 bus cable and carry the serial expander around. :p