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It appears that the Home Assistant MyQ integration is no longer working. I have patched a couple of Python scripts to get it working over the last month and it did work for a few days.

I have always had issues with the use of MyQ and cloud connectivity. Initially it was helping a neighbor set it up and poor lack of customer service.

I have been testing / using three garage door remote control methodologies.

1 - Leviton OmniPro 2 panel wired connectivity to GDO button and two wired contact sensors on garage door. Never an issue with it.
2 - Tasmota originally using modded Sonoff basic then upgraded to Tasmota Wemos D1. This is a combo push button, temperature sensor with two wired contact sensors as documented here:
Tiny Tasmota Garage Door Opener - Temperature Sensor - 2 contact sensors
This DIY GDO has worked for years and has no dependencies on the cloud. Always worked fine.
3 - MyQ - hub installation with remote garage door sensors * Always problematic and bad CS.
4 - Included GDO remotes and automobile GDO integration. (Homelink). Never an issue.

* I can still use it with my phone but no longer use it with Home Assistant.

This is what worked and now doesn't work with Home Assistant MyQ integration. From reading posts (many shut down now) it appears to be an authentication issue and relating to the Home Assistant Core which always included MyQ integration.

Myq integration stuck on initialization

OmniPro2, Included remotes and Tasmota integrations are best. Tamota integration uses WiFi and a bit of soldering and very cost effective (under $10).
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Yes; noticed this morning that the MyQ HA plugin is not working. The patch from a few weeks ago was working fine and the upgrade to HA core worked until yesterday. Tried the new patch posted 14 hours ago and it is not working for me at this time.

rm -fr config/pymyq
mv Python-MyQ-3.1.12/pymyq config
rm -fr Python-MyQ-3.1.12

The above did not work.
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MyQ integrations on ISY and Homeseer were frequently unreliable due to frequent changes Chamberlain made. I went with local control using Insteon quite a while back with an additional sensor that reports to the Elk M1. The phone app is still convenient for notifying me when the door operates.
My Tasmota (Tiny Garage Door Opener) configuration has been working for years now. Initially used a Sonoff Basic then recently upgraded it to a Wemos D1 with a relay shield.

Tiny Tasmota Garage Door Opener - Temperature Sensor - 2 contact sensors

It was initially configured for testing as the OmniPro 2 panel wired controlled worked great. I can get to both of them via Android phone (with VPN) and having a camera inside of the garage gives me a live visual of the garage door state.

The MyQ add was also for testing with Home Assistant.