Elk M1G with M1XRF2H and Ademco 5834-4 Key Fob


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I have installed a system with the components listed in the title of this topic. For the key fob I have successfully set Standard Mode and configured the control to use Loop 3. This allows the use of the lock and unlock buttons to arm and disarm, respectively, the system to Away. Looking at the instructions for this key fob, it appears that things can be programmed at least for a Honeywell or Ademco system to perform many functions more than merely arming and disarming. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any documentation on how to have more than the simple arming and disarming for an Elk system.
So, my question is how might I be able to do this for the Elk system. For example, what if I wanted to arm the system to Stay instead of Away? Or what if I wanted the key fob to function as a panic button? I think the key fobs that can be used with the GE wireless expansion will allow you to arm, disarm, and trigger other functions.
Any assistance provided will be greatly appreciated.
I have an Elk 2-way wireless rather than the M1XRF2H, but I think the procedure for doing what you want is the same.
You can define the functions of the keyfob buttons in RP2 from the Wireless Setup folder.  Once you open this folder, select the Keyfob tab, and then select the zone definition you want for a particular button.
There are specific zone definitions for Disarm, Arm Away and Arm Stay. 
If you want to do something else besides the above, you can write rules.  In that case, select 15 - Keyfob in Wireless Setup and then write automation rules along the lines of:
THEN ...
More information on programming the actions of the keyfob buttons is in the M1 Installation Manual on page 48.
With the Honeywell fob, you can assign the loops to perform specific functions or arming methods, and as alluded to, the rules portion is how you can drive more complex actions.
I have a customer with GE fobs that has 3 partitions and I have the basic arm/disarm attached to the main buttons but the other 2 arm/disarm the second partition but the arm of the main partition will also arm the other 2 partitions after a simple exit delay.