Just got a shipment of new KP2 keypads :D Now would like to know if anyone knows the model or part # for the speaker that goes into the backplate. Sure does look nice but sure does't have the goodies :( Thanks
8 ohm speaker for behind Elk KP2 keypad should be available 4th week of August from Elk unless the ship sinks. :D
Do you have the Part Number/Item # for this speaker? I'd like to place pre-order with my distributor.
This order was 8 ohm. A 32 ohm version will be available on the next shipment. We decided to make the change to 32 ohms after these speakers were in process. The 8 ohm speaker will be somewhat louder. You have to watch the speaker loading on the amplifier more with the 8 ohm speaker than with a 32 ohm speaker.

This speaker is a physical replacement for the Peerless speaker in which it was designed for, but Peerless decided to quit making it after the plastic tooling was done. It sounds better than the Peerless speaker and very loud even mounted behind the KP2 keypad.