Elk M1XRF144


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I haven't been able to find much information about the upcoming Elk M1XRF 144 wireless receiver - just a couple mentions on these boards that it was under development. I'm currently putting together an Elk M1 system but don't know if I should wait for the M1XRF 144 to become available. Can anyone (Spanky perhaps) say when the M1XRF 144 will be available and what features will differentiate it from the Caddx recievers?

Elk will tell you 'any time now', but imho I think it will be in mid-late April, it is really close. The main difference from the Caddx is that it connects to the 485 bus and you can attach several receivers for redundancy or coverage purposes. It comes in a nice case with holes to see LED status and the antennas. It is a nice and sensitive unit and if you have the luxury of a few more weeks or a month you will probably like it.