Elk M1XRFTWM range?


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After a couple of hours of searching CT and chasing a lot of Google search results, I was only able to find one reference to the Elk 2-way wireless range. That was in the spec's for the 6021 wireless window mini-sensor, which said it had a 100' range. For those of you that have the M1XRFTWM transceiver and associated sensors, does that sound about right? Does it depend a lot on the sensor? I may need a 200' range between two buildings. Anyone seeing that amount of range?
Also, the doc for the M1XRFTWM says that if multiple transceivers are being used, you must be careful not to have "too much overlap", but I haven't found anything that estimates how far apart they need to be to not have "too much overlap". Am I supposed to buy a couple of them and a sensor or two to see if they will work in my environment?