Was Elk RMS discontinued?


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I'm dusting off an M1G system that's been on the shelf since 2016. I've been able to update the firmware for the M1G and the XEP, install the latest version of RP2, and connected a new M1XRFTWM. Everything is working great.

I have a license code for the Elk RMS software that I purchased back in 2010. I figured I should update that software also, but I can't find anything about it on the Elk website. Is it discontinued? If so, when did that happen?

I believe the software was discontinued a long time ago. Most recent installer I have is ElkRMS_Full_Install_2_0_2.exe (SHA256 35B5BD062C550255864ED3D75AF9DEFBA2BB61E9C793F0BEF3C9CA49F4557BA5) dated 4/1/2014.

It looks like M1ToGo may have superseded it?
I have a 2.0.02 from 2009 and 2.0.8 from 2010. Guess it was discontinued.

Based on the screenshots on the Elk website, M1ToGo does have a similar look and feel.
Was going to check it out again (it wasn't that stable when first released), but it looks like the download link is broken.