ElkRP suggestion


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If I am missing something please correct me otherwise I'd like to make the following suggestion for the next ElkRP version. I am running the latest 1.6.2.

Under the Automation > Lighting tree can you add the functionality to turn on, off and dim the lights (at least on and off). It would make it much easier to program the SwitchLincs or just run some tests.

Good idea. I will pass the suggestion on.

In the near future, we will have application software that will run on a touch screen or the PC to control the main areas of the M1.

For now any rules you write and display under the Rules section can be executed by clicking on the Rule and then the "Test" icon.

You can also access Lighting, Tasks, and Outputs with the Telephone remote control or the keypad.

One of my wants is to have a check box with every Rule to disable the Rule when you send it to the M1. That will make things easier to temporarily take Rules out of service.
Sounds good. I knew about testing the rule I have used it before. It just became easier to go to the keypad instead of writing temp bogus rules. Glad to see it keeps getting better. Keep up the good work!