External Weigand


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I installed another ELK-106055 External Prox reader into my other KP2 keypad. Works great. It got me thinking about my garage door opener. Since I am going to have a fob/card, can I get another one and mount it by the garage door so that when it recieves a valid entry I can trigger the relay for the garage door?

I see it tied to keypads right now (the closest keypad is from the garage inside and it has a prox reader already, not isolated as a reader alone.

Is what I am saying possible or do I need a keypad/arming station(not sure if the latter would work) to link it to?
Right now the 26 bit Weigand interface is through M1KP or M1KP2 keypads. We are waiting production delivery of the M1KPAS Access Station which will interface to a 26 bit Weigand reader or the Dallas iButton one wire reader.

Program a Weigand Card or Prox as an ACCESS code in the User Code Programming.

Write a Rule:

AND LAST USER WAS User 02 ----optional line to limit users
THEN TURN Output x ON FOR 2 SECS ----This triggers the garage door opener