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I was going to put this in my post asking about wireless sensors and the ELK M1 but as it was veering off from the wireless topic I figured I'd create a new thread.

With the suggestions from that thread, I'm now leaning towards having wired in sensors but having an installer come run the wiring for me. The cost diff between wired and wireless for my starting list is about $1200. I am assuming that hiring out the wiring of 11 window sensors, 3 glass break sensors, and 3 door sensors will not cost me $1200 but if I'm wrong then maybe wireless is the way I'll go.

The main reason I found out about the ELK was through the other HA stuff I had been finding out about on AVS and on the CQC forums. After reading more about the ELK, I'm very tempted by the possibilities of not only having a security system but also being able to tie it into other HA events/triggers/things.

Here's what I have now:
30+ Insteon switches
RCS TR40 thermostat on its way

House Floorplan is the mirror image of these pics.


Here is the shopping list that I've come up with:
ELK M1 w/KP2 and no cabinet
50" Enclosure w/hinged & locking door
ELK M1SP (Lighting & Therm interface)
ELK M1XIN (16 Zone expander for downstairs, to be mounted in crawlspace in an enclosure)
12" enclosure for crawlspace
M1KP2 (2nd Keypad for master bedroom)

(Motion sensors are red blocks on diagram)
Motion Sensor (Entry/Living)
Motion Sensor (Kitchen)
Motion Sensor (Bedroom)
Motion Sensor (Family Rm)

Window Sensors (x11) - Downstairs opening windows + master bedroom windows
Glass Break Sensor (x4) (Green blocks on diagram)
Garage Door Sensors (x3)
Door Sensors on all Entry doors (x3)

Current no plans to hook in fire/smoke alarms. Wiring for those seems like way too much of a pain.

Any other things I should be looking at right now? Since my CQC machine will actually be in the same location as the ELK I'll just run a standard serial cable to connect them up.

I asked in another thread but will re-ask here : Can anyone recommend some good installers in the Seattle area? Or, how do I go about finding a good one?
Just a few quick comments.

1. You will need 2 M1XSP's - 1 for lighting and 1 for t-stats
2. I strongly, strongly, strongly (did I say strongly?) recommend the M1XEP ethernet interface. Regadrdless of where your CQC machine is, I guarantee you will tire of switching that cable. Unless you plan on programming and maintaining the panel via phone connection, you will be standing there programming the panel with a laptop and taking CQC down to do it. With an XEP, CQC can stay connected to the network and you can program from any network connection.
3. You can still use wireless for other stuff, like water sensing ,mailbox or other interior stuff you don't want to wire.
You may find yourself wanting more motion detectors. Not for security, but for automation with CQC, but I guess it depends on how much automation you expect to do.
I think I'll probably add more motion detectors upstairs since I can easily wire those in myself. For downstairs, the number I put in is going to be dependent on the pricing I get from the installer for the wiring. Good point though. The more data/inputs I have, the more capable my system will be.