finally :)


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Finally folks, I have activated my nextalarm account although I will still be on test mode. Now. I need to brush up again with ELK stuff.

Have some few question:

Do we contact NextAlarm to cancel a false alarm or do we get contacted by them? Do you guys have any recommendation regarding notification on nextalarm's website, I mean, on how we should configure alerts? What are your settings for alarm A, B, C, etc notification? When did you only select the Log Only?


We'll contact you in most cases before dispatching. The exceptions are panic alarms (which includes panic buttons on the keypad, remote panic keychains or pendants, and the duress code) and fire alarms. If you just forget to disarm the system before you open the door to get the paper or trigger an intrusion alarm some other way, just wait for a phone call from the dispatch center.

Regarding notification types, it sounds like you're talking about the response types on the zone list. The Police, Fire, and Medical response types are self-explanatory. Supervisory means that we'll call you, then go down your contact list if you're not available, but we won't dispatch the authorities. Log Only means there will be no operator response at all, just E-Notify or V-Notify if you have that set up.

Hope this helps,