Get a Gmail account

I have a Gmail account, and it really is a great interface, but there is a lot of hype too for sure. If I am not mistaken, Hotmail was going to offer 2gigs of space to the free account holders, but don't remember the details. Once Google sends me more invitations, I will post them here.
Fellow Cocoontech members. I have three Gmail accounts to give away. I will give these away to the first three Cocoontech members who have five posts or greater and who PM me with their Email address. The only catch is that you must promise to "give back" to our Cocoontech community when you get your Gmail invites!

If you don't receive an Email (or PM) from me, that means your PM was not received within the first three responses (i.e. please don't ask who/what/where/why you didn't get one). Also note out of respect for the privacy of the members I will not post who received them! :lol:



I am not questioning your motives.... I am just curious... what is the big deal about G?