Getting Started with Omnipro and Z-wave...need some help


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I need some help getting started.

I have done a ton of reading over the last 6 months. I finally got the opportunity to set down and set up my omnipro II. I am actually going to use the HA potion of the board prior to security since we live in a condo right now and do not require the security. This is a bit of a test run for a new house we will be moving into in a year or so where I plan to DIY. I will probably get a wireless module and test some security with window sensors etc but not just yet.

I have the board setup with minimal issues. I got UPB working on three lamp modules through PC Access. Feeling good and pretty straight forward so far. No programming yet. Just testing control and setup and they seem to work fine. Then I got to z-wave.

Long story short, I ended up with only a Kwikset Z-wave lock. No switches or lamp modules which limits my ability to test. I have the Leviton VRC0P +3 and Installer tool with the associated Leviton USB stick. Got the stick included, the lock included, and the VRC0P included. I associated the VRC0P with the lock through the RS232 setup menu then updated all controllers. I hooked the VRC0P up to serial 2 on the Omnipro and set serial 2 to Z-wave in the Serial tree within PC Access. Wrote the changes to the Omniipro II.

Here is where I am stumped. How do I test to see if the board can control the lock or read its status? I THINK I need to use a hyperterminal but am very limited on my knowledge when I get into this part. I found several postings within Leviton's site (and a couple here) referencing this exact scenario, but they all assume some base knowledge I seem to be missing to comprehend what is happening. For example

I also assume I could set up some automation blocks to test it but am not quite sure what to put in the block. Any one want to give a new guy a kick in the right direction?

Talk about serendipitous!

Assuming the Yale works like the Kwik-set and that walks me through it pretty well! I will give it a try tomorrow morning and report back. Thanks!

Did you update your VRC0P firmware?
Well got the upgrade done today after I finally got the com port working. Anyway, waded my way into hyper-terminal (used Putty) and got everything working. Good feeling when that lock opens and closes when you hit enter in hyper-terminal.

I am just now looking at your messages and automation blocks to get a feel for what you did. It would be really nice if HAI had this built in automatically instead of having to build in the messages and automation. I think for me a simple goal will be to make the lamps turn on when the door is unlocked via keypad but only during certain hours (say after 6).

After I look over your blocks tonight I may have some more questions. Thanks for the help!
FYI, I just added a little more info in the doc about the alarm code when the lock is unlocked via the keypad.