Glass break

Hey I have purchased some GE Round Acoustic Glass Break detectors
Model # 5812-RND

Is there a way to test these without breaking a glass in the house?

Someone told me to throw keys at the detector and that would trip it, but no luck with that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have a look at this thread. Martin - did you ever give any more thought to a rental program for the pro testers? I tried clapping real hard and that did not work, so I need to try the other tricks as well.
I've had sucess dropping a large key ring (the wife's, where do they get all those keys?) on a piece of plate steel while at the same time hitting the glass with my hand to make it vibrate. I've never tried, but I've read of people making them trip by playing a wave file of a breaking glass sound while whacking the sensor at the same time... I think the better quality sensors are harder to trick, maybe you have a really good one. :)

I just took two pieces of 2x4 wood less than a foot long and "clapped" them really really hard against each other.

I tested six Sentrol ShatterPro 2's this way. I repeat, you have to clap them really hard (to where it almost hurts your palms)!

Sometimes I could get them to go off by clapping my hands, but I had to do it so hard that it DID hurt my palms!
I've got 3 fractured bones in my hand and lots of blood - should I assume then that the GB's are not working? :) :p
the two pieces of wood usually work for me. I usually wear gloves when doing it to help minimize the "ringing" in my hands.
Try the empty glass jar (pickel jar) in the garbage bag trick. Just drop it on the floor, and when it breaks it sounds just like breaking glass. The garbage bag contains the pieces, and the bag simulates a drapery or blind over a breaking window. And you get to eat the last pickel. ;-)
I have not been back at the site. I will have to scrounge up some wood and jars and try those things.
Steve said:
I have not been back at the site. I will have to scrounge up some wood and jars and try those things.
Hey, if all else fails, pick up a large rock and hurl it through a window! Of course you wouldn't want to have to repeat that test very often! :)

What type/model sensors are you having trouble with?
They are the 5820's. I can't really say I'm having problems, just I have not been able to test them properly. I know they get power because I see the LED flicker when the M1 is powered up. I honestly have not tried very hard yet other then some hand clapping.