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Steve said:
Sorry, thought there was a joke in there somewhere above. South Florida.
No, no joke. If you were in the Los Angeles area I was going to offer to drive my Sentrol glass break simulator to you.



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Thanks, but that will be a long drive! I'm sure Martin will start a 'rental' program for them at some point.


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some glass breaks are almost impossable to test without the tester supplied by the manufacturer. Most are looking for a complex action like a flex wave and a signature of glass breakage within 40 mili-seconds. Try tapping the detector while making a loud (almost whistle) shhhttt. I can't keep up with all the testers out there (I thnk I have three). You have three options

1) follow the install instructions to the letter and have faith it works.

2) Buy the tester and hope it works. (the tester is not a window)

3) Just break the damn window and be done with it! :)

Mark S.

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gizzmo said:
3) Just break the damn window and be done with it! :)

My wife sets off our kitchen glass-break every few months by dropping a pot (or pots) on the floor. To get specific, T-Fal on ceramic tile - must be just the right frequency.



Try this method (discovered by my friend):

Take two pieces of 1/2" or so PVC pipe and cut them to a length so they are a little longer than the glass break's mounting distance from the floor.

Place the two pieces so they are vertical in front of the glass break about six inches or less away from it. Separate the top ends while keeping the bottom ends together. Now slap the pieces together.

If you have carpet, set the pipes on a piece of wood (so the sound doesn't get muffled).

You will be surprised how well this works. :)


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