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Guaging interest in Open Source Media/HA software



All information on the Add Video window that can be parsed from IMDB is. The search button will search the title entered and display a list of matching titles to select from or you can enter the IMDB number directly.



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DavidL said:
MainLobby client, being a Flash based application, has run on Linux. The Server component (MLServer2) is a Windows based product today.

Also, MainLobby is far beyond a "front-end" but is a robust automation platform as well. MLServer2 takes this the next level and should be released in the next couple of weeks.

I was aware that Mainlobby was Flash based, and I know that Flash runs well on Linux, I did not know that ML would infact run on Linux. Is this supported by Cinemar? I found a guy on the 'net that is running MLServer throught WINE on Linux but have been unable to find anyone running ML. Is that how you're suggesting running ML, though WINE? I would love to get this going as I have no desire to create something like this on my own. If you can point me in a direction, I'll download a trial of ML and give it a try.

My current HA package is Mr. House which I love as a whole, but each time I have to make a mod that requires coding PERL, I get uncontrollable eye twitches and night sweats. ;) They do have one of the best support groups I've ever encountered however.

I wasn't trying to "declassify" ML as simply a frontend only. I was actually using it as a benchmark for other similar apps. In my experience however, most of the people that I've ran across use it as a frontend to HomeSeer or HAL.



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Not yet supported to run on Linux, though the CLIENT (Flash) has as a technical proof of concept. This requires a special version that Cinemar has not released yet, but has done testing with.
The MLServer will not run natively in Linux today. Yes, I am aware of Wine, but I am suspect on the performance of MLServer running in a Wine shell. I haven't read any commentary on this other than it has run on (in?) Wine.

Will require much Cinemar work to get ML certified working on Linux. The other issues is all of the Media control components like Zoom Player, Media Center, etc. don't run on Linux either.

Medium term MLServer might run on Linux and talk to clients that can either be Linux clients, browser based or Windows. Using VNC you could probably get a Windows based ML client displaying on a Linux client PC. Not perfect, but doable.