[Guide] Wiring your new house 101

I saw this guide referenced enough here and on other forums that I thought I'd join the forum to check it out. I've searched around to see if there's any restriction to certain members but do not see that being the case. Any link (old or new) that I follow to this how-to though does not seem to work and only takes me to the forum front page. Has it been relocated?
I'll be moving this content in a few hours so you can access it again.  Please don't hesitate to bump this thread if you don't see a follow-up by tomorrow.  Sorry about that!
May still be going through forum transitions, but thought I'd bump this thread for the followup on the Wiring Your New House. As you've probably guessed, I'm a guy looking to start buying some wire. :)
I actually asked them bump it for me as a reminder (and it worked), so it's ok in this case.
I'll try to get these files online today.
As a general rule of thumb, now that we're in 2014, would you generally recommend using Cat-6 (or even Cat-6a) instead of Cat-5E?
It's been eight years since the very useful "Wiring Your New House" guide was written -- time flies! -- and the 2006 version recommends Cat-5E. (Maybe there's a new version that I haven't seen?)  Thank you, btw, for this incredibly helpful guide!
I'm a complete newbie, and I'm not building a supertech house. I've gutted an old house myself, while unemployed and on a shoestring, and it will probably be torn down whenever I sell it -- maybe within 10 years? But while it's gutted down to the bare studs, I want to at least put in an ethernet line and a coaxial line to each room. (Right now there's only one coax cable for Comcast/Xfinity cableTV/modem, running to a wifi router -- plenty for me.) I will either rent it or live in it myself. I live in a high-tech area, and I figure future renters might like having Cat-6 and cable-TV, but that's just a guess. (If it were just for me, wifi would be fine, and I don't watch TV.) I'd hire expert professional help if I could, but right now I'm struggling to pay bills, so this is DIY (DIMyself?) or nothing.
More specifically:
For ethernet cable, I'm looking at: "Cat 6 Bulk Bare Copper Ethernet Network Cable STP, Stranded, In-Wall Rated (CM), 550MHz, 24AWG".  (On Monoprice it is product # 8094, $176 for 1000' including shipping.)
For coax cable, I'm looking at: "RG6 (18AWG), Quad Shield, CL2 Bulk Cable - White; 18 AWG copper clad steel center conductor is surrounded by foam polyethylene dielectric. Sweep testing ensures 3.0GHz performance. 75 - Ohm, 18AWG Solid .040 inch Bare Copper Conductor, CM/CL2 Rated." (On Monprice it is product # 7482, $173 for 1,000' including shipping.)
Those specs are 'greek to me'. Do they sound like reasonable choices, for a low-cost, relatively low-tech installation?  (I've thought about using even cheaper Cat-5e that I find on CraigsList, but for an extra $100 it seems prudent to go to Cat-6, while the drywall and ceilings are done. But please correct me if I'm wrong.)
Many thanks for any insights and suggestions! Much appreciated.
Typo, should be: "while the drywall and ceilings are down."    That is, I feel like I should do something on wiring, even on a shoestring and in a teardown, while its down to bare studs.