Hai Hi Fi


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I recently got a used Hai Hi Fi system and installed it in the house. I know this version is quite old but it was a good price and it still works. 
My question is.... I installed a serial cable from my omni iie to the hi fi and set the serial port to hai by hi fi. I have also added the zones and inputs into pc access and uploaded everything to the omni. the audio button shows up on my touch screens and snap link app. 
problem is it seems there is no communication between the two. when i try to turn on a zone on a touch screen nothing happens, same with from the app. 
I am using a straight through cable for the connection. the port is set as 232. PC access shows ? marks under the status page for the hi fi. 
Any one have any ideas what could be wrong? Im thinking there is something wrong with the serial port on the hi fi as the serial port i am using works (it was set up for access control before). just wondered if anyone had any trouble shooting ideas i could try. 
Thanks everyone 
Can you control the zones from PC Access? If not, it is most likely an issue with serial cable. Also, make sure the port is set to Hi-Fi and not Hi-Fi2
On PC Access ---> Goto Serial ----> Choose protocol for port which you used for connect to Hi-Fi is Hi-Fi2. after that write to controller (Option Setup checked requirement at least)